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I was born in Germany, raised in the USA and currently living in Switzerland and in Narbonne, France. I have been an educator since 1993. I am a dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland. After years as a Professor, Academic Adviser and Teacher Coach in the American University system while running my own Graphic Design company,  I realized that most professionals have been trained and educated for fitting into the "knowledge Age." They where motivated by working alone, they wanted to have the sole answer. I felt I could help society better by educating for a


"conceptual age" where social skills (empathy), innovation and cooperative creative collaboration would become the most important skills in keeping our global economy in balance. I began teaching globally with a variety of corporate teams based out of Switzerland. My primary vision was to empower managers with the ability to teach their own teams creativity, innovation and cooperation. My efforts were focused on helping "The People" feel more valued and in return creating more value in the world. I used a system of creating trust based environments and cooperative self-educating teams to create more productive and innovative companies.

After some time I felt the need to return to art education, primarily after my son reached the age of schooling. I was loosing my connection to creativity. I created an arts centre for a private bi-lingual school in Basel, Switzerland where I manage and teach art to all levels of students. I am, and always have been, a practicing artist represented in the USA, Switzerland and France. www.christineanne.net

Choice Based Art ....as a Teaching Tool

I am an creative behaviour teacher to students from 3 years old up. I teach in an international school where most children are at least bi-lingual. We teach in English one week and German the next. Some of our heaviest challenges are when the student speaks even a third language. Our school uses the British and Swiss curriculum to guide our curriculum. However I have adapted and developed my own approach to teaching for artistic behaviour. I use an approach based on "Choice Based Art" or studio oriented artistic discovery which engages the student into design thinking,  and problem solving with innovative solutions.IMG_0414 This approach allows me to help children develop a deeper understanding of the creative process. The art space is divided up into different art choice stations, i.e., sculpture, painting, collage, textiles (sewing), computer imaging, clay, drawing, printmaking and more. Some stations are permanent and others rotate. The students care for and maintain the stations voluntarily and with pride. Students work through a process of creating a concept, then a plan of attack, after reflection they execute, reflect more, modify and finally recycle the materials or celebrate a finished piece. If one looks closely you will find they naturally build skills of problem solving, time management, cooperative creative social skills, while developing their fine motor skills through actual artistic practices. Most importantly they learn to make informed decisions, to be reflective, creative and innovative. IMG_0007I currently now am involved in a Museum project where I have designed a Storytelling approach to bring the exhibitions to life. The pedagogy of storytelling will improve the playful experience with the objects, the retention of information and the connection the museum has within its community.

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