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2016 MEd, Master`s of Education,  UWS 2014 Postgraduate Diploma Adv. Pr. St Artist Teacher, SCQF level 11, University of West of Scotland 2014 Postgraduate Certificate Adv. Pr. St Artist Teacher, Pg SCQF level 11, University of West of Scotland 1993 - 1995 MFA, Master’s of Fine Arts, University of Texas at San Antonio 1989 - 1993 BFA, Bachelor’s of Fine Arts, Herron School of Art (Indiana University / Purdue University)
Christine Anne Berger, France 2012
Christine Anne Berger, France 2012


Mother Tongue: English Second Language Fluent (C1 level): German in Addition Swiss German Bernese Dialect Beginning Level: French

Teaching History

1994 - 1995 Assistant Professor of Painting at UTSA 1995 - 1996 Arts Director/Teacher MDA summer camp Rockport, Texas 1996 - 2000 Professor of Arts &  Academic Adviser, Art Institute of Houston 2000 - 2003 Professor of Graphic Art, University of Rhode Island 2003 - 2007 Educational Pause (self studies in German, French and Education) 2007 - 2009 Global Managerial and Team Educator at Blaser Swisslube AG, Burgdorf CH 2008 - 2011 Program Creator / Teacher and Owner, Christine Anne GmbH, Zug CH 2011 - Present Head of the AIS Arts Centre Basel
A student making work on WWII
A student making work on WWII
  • Preschool, Primary, Secondary and College Art Teacher for ais academia International School, Basel, Switzerland
  • Art Teacher for Academia Sprach Lern Zentrum: Kunst Bereich portfolio preparation
  • Responsible for a variety of External Art Courses, development of the arts centre and arts curriculum.
  • Workshops in building motor skills, teaching for innovation, etc...
2011 - Present IBIS - International Baccalaureate External Visual Arts Examiner World Wide  



  • Women in Nature, Wundrack Galerie, Narbonne, FR
  • Open Studio, Christine Anne, Narbonne, FR


Halde Gallery
Halde Gallery
  • Femme fatale, Halde Galerie, Widen, CH
  • Frauen Ansichten, Halde Galerie, Widen
  • Mother, Whore, Saint, Aquatinta Galerie, Emmenegger Helene Lenzburg, CH
  • Effemininte, Rüti am Aare Gallery, CH

2002 and before

  • University of Rhode Island Faculty show, Alan Shawn Feinstein Gallery, RI - USA
  • The Mark, Hera Gallery, RI - USA
  • Chrigi, Pearks & Quirks Gallery, RI - USA
  • Women Healing: Wellness, Alan Shawn Feinstein College, RI - USA2001
  • Faculty Show, University of Rhode Island Gallery, RI - USA
  • Rhode Island Artists, Tse-Tse Gallery, RI - USA
  • Chrigi, Perks & Quirks Gallery, RI - USA
  • URI Women Creating, Rhode Island Gallery, RI - USA
  • Indianapolis Art league Auction, IN - USA2000
  • Avante-Garde, Warwick Gallery, RI - USA
  • Contemporary Arts Month Show, Studio Gallo, TX - USA1999
  • Tell-Tale Heart, Houston TX - USA
  • Ant Hill, Installation at the Children`s Art Museum, TX - USA
  • Honey Bee, Installation at the Children`s Art Museum, TX - USA
  • Faculty Show, The Art Institute of Houston Gallery, TX - USA1998
  • Faculty Show, The Art Institute of Houston Gallery, TX - USA1997
  • Faculty Show, The Art Institute of Houston Gallery, TX - USA1996
  • Black and White, The Artists`Space (Aviart), San Antonio, TX - USA
  • The History Within, Herron Gallery, Indianapolis, IN - USA1995
  • One-Woman Show, Foster Freeman Gallery, San Antonio, TX - USA
  • Avenida: 95, A Venue for Art, Architecture & Ideas, TX - USA
  • The University of Texas Internet Show, TX - USA
  • The Love & Acceptance Show, curated by Don Bacigalupi, UTSA - USA
  • 25th Annual Works on Paper, by Larry Brown, STSU, San Marcos, TX - USA
  • MFA & CAA, Profiles, Satellite Space, San Antonio, TX - USA
  • Bandera Cliff Drawings, Bandera, TX - USA1994
  • An Exhibition of Collaborative Works, Foster Freeman Gallery, TX - USA
  • The Next Wave, 1203 ArtSpace, curated by Ken Little, TX - USA1993
  • In Situ, curated by Ed Blackburn, Installation Show, Satellite Space, TX - USA
  • Identity Issues, Herron School of Art, IN - USA
  • International Women`s Day Show, Indianapolis Sports Center, IN - USA


  • über die eigentliche Natur der Frauen, Solothurn Zeitung, Switzerland
  • Marksmanship, Hera Gallery collects 26 Artists with something to say by Bill Rodriguez, The Providence Phoenix - USA
  • Bold new exhibit makes the Mark, The Narragansett Times,Kate Williamson - USA
  • Natural Interpretation, San Antonio Express News Article by Dan Goddard - USA
  • Graduate Students Team UP, San Antonio Express News - USA

Private Collections

USA France Switzerland Currently Represented by: Evelyne Brader of Halde Galerie in Widen H. Emmenegger of Galerie Aquatinta in Lenzburg To view my sisters sculptural work please visit

Corp. Experience Beyond Teaching

Company Owner, Christine Anne GmbH, Zug, Switzerland 2008- to present

As company owner I am responsible for administration, finances, marketing and creating as well as teaching courses.   My company creates internal educational centres for and with other companies. The goal of the centre is to manage knowledge and create a return on that investment. I also work with individuals and create private courses to help those individuals build the skills they need in todays world.
Program Creator Blaser Swisslube, Switzerland, 2007- 2010
Responsible for building the global internal educational facility named Blaser College. I implemented a Leaders as Teachers program for Blaser Swisslube to align the global company with corporate strategy and manage knowledge.

Additional duties where:

  • Create the educational administration design and implement it globally
  • Create and implement continuous courses for staff, management and sales force globally
  • Create and implement a coaching program globally
  • Align the company towards the corporate strategy through education globally
  • Create and implement a system that creates return on the educational investment globally
  • Facilitate courses and train leaders to teach the courses globally
  • Create and implement the overall guidelines and curriculum for the entire global educational facility
Company Owner, Contact Design, Westerly, Rhode Island, 2001-2003
As company owner I was responsible for all administration, finances and marketing. I created web-sites and graphic design printed media for companies: brochures, mailers, magazine advertisements (working directly with the magazine editors), and more.

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  1. Christine Anne,
    My name is Telene Edington, I am working on a project with the Indiana University alumni locating students who graduated from Herron School of Art. We have many alumni without current address’. Would you mind sharing your contact information with us? This is an interesting project for me. I have been in the “art business” for many years. I enjoy reading about IU alumni around the world. Thank you for your time.


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