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MEd Artist Teacher Disteration Work Portfolio: Wonderland

My work is based on investigating stories from personal and collective experiences. The forms in my work represent stories that are experienced and stored in our bodies. The marks in my work represent those that our bodies leave as we meander or force our way through life. Storytelling is the form of inquiry I use to create my work and continues to be an integral part of the creation process. Images of the horse and crow originate from my own personal journeys and are metaphorical representations of different relationships I have experienced. In my Wonderland I explore the connections and spaces between experiences that form and shape the marks we leave on our environment and or what marks our environment leave on us. It feels that everything we do and say leaves marks on our environment whether it be social, emotional or physical and that mark is recorded and experienced by others. Marks can be scary, manipulative, powerful and of course sometimes mundane but no less important. The assumptions we make about the marks can tell of our own character and experience; our fears, our remorse, our desire, our anger and even our complacency to change are present in the marks we leave and they are only sometimes intended to be read, felt and encountered. The marks we leave tell a story that is left up to interpretation, i.e. a simple sign in a nearby étang marking a boundary where you stop and I begin. My journey will continue to explore a deeper collaborative connection as to how one engages with spatial memory. The feminine aspect also continues to be important in my work and remains present as the personal and collective feminine are sacred to me. I have documented, photographed and sketched the paths I routinely take in my private life. It is a life that is unknown to most of my colleagues, as today’s world almost seems to demand a separation of private and work life. It seems a complex issue as to where the boundaries lie in the artist teacher’s academic life, work life, artistic life and personal life. The images I work with now consist of spaces that I have taken for granted and although the images in my new work appear to be landscape oriented there is always a human element present that begins to tell a story of relationships. It is intended that the viewer should experience my Wonderland and leave with a reinterpreted story (Clandinin and Connelly, 2000). I intend to give the viewer only enough clues to make up their own narrative hoping to inspire and nourish collaborative stories.
Clandinin, D. and Connelly, F. (2000). Narrative inquiry. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

May 2016

Dress it, Mixed Media on Canvas, 120cm High x 60cm Wide

May 2016 New and updated work

Apple Tree, 2016, Mixed Media, 130cm High x 180cm Wide

April 2016

Hay Fields, Linocut, A4 (5 prints)
A4 Lino Cut, May 2016, Hay Fields
A4 Lino Cut, May 2016, Hay Fields