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Reflections on “Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction” Question 8.           How does McLaren define dialectical thinking and its importance to critical pedagogy?

The dialectical method is discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject, who wish to establish the truth of the matter guided by reasoned arguments. Plato The Republic (Plato), 348b

According to the introduction McLaren sees "the problems of society...as moments that arise out of the interaction between the individual and society (McLaren, 1989). I propose that he sees this dialectical thinking as important to critical pedagogy in a way to improve the world as a whole through the people, sort of a rise of the masses if you will. Dialectial theory does not play nicely in polarities but rather in relationships between objective and subjective, human acts and their knowledge. In these means it can be used as a force to drive a struggle for liberation or to dominate (page 11.) ____________________________________________________ References: The Critical Pedagogy Reader. (2009). “Critical Pedagogy: An Introduction” . I. Darder,Antonia, II. Baltodano, Marta, III. Torres, Rodolfo D., Routledge. 711 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10017 Paulo Freire (1970), Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Continuum International Publishing Group.