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Keeping it Simple and Real Contemporary with Giroux
"In very practical ways, the language of critical pedagogy has often been a serious point of contention not only among feminist scholars but also working-class educations, who argue that the theoretical language ultimately functions to create a new form of oppression."
(Darder et al, p.15, 2009).
I agreed with this criticism until finding how Henry Giroux brings critical thought to contemporary life in his series of articles in truth-out (2012,2013). He manages to bring critical theory to every day life with common language and makes it tangible for the majority of readers in the USA, however he could take this even further, maybe he should rap like lil wayne. (http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/15686-lil-waynes-lyrical-fascism). His ability to critically challenge current views and events inspires one to keep or start teaching students to think critically. Much of critical theory was written in the 19th and 20th century, the language and grammar used is often difficult for the common person especially when the English is a second language. In reading articles from Giroux`s beginning one can see how his language has adapted or become simpler for the public, his language became more common and more extreme.
One might say Mr. Giroux tries to inspire a revolutionary response from the people. Marxist followers, among other critical theorist, often said that emancipation must come through revolution. However we find that old fashion and suggest another form of revolution. If hegemony has become intellectual or rather ideological hegemony (Giroux, 1983), than the platform in which Giroux uses to create ideological revolution is one to be applauded for facing the language criticism it received (Giroux, 2013).
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